L’été n’est pas fini

Nous vous partageons un magnifique texte de Stéphane Laporte qui nous rappelle l’importance de bien profiter de la vie.   Nous vous souhaitons un bon congé de la fête du travail et une belle fin d’été. Profitez en bien au plaisir de vous revoir bientôt file:///C:/Users/ad/Desktop/L’été%20n’est%20pas%20fini%20-%20La%20Presse+.html   en lire plus →

30 août 2018

camp d’été 2017

Notre camp d’été 2017 s’est terminer dans la joie vendredi dernier. Au plaisir de vous revoir l’an prochain. en lire plus →

13 août 2017

De la belle visite au camp de jours

Nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir la visite de notre député Mr Pablo Rodriguez lors de notre camp de jour été 2017. Nous profitons de l’occasion pour remercier le gouvernement du Canada pour son appui financier dans le cadre du programme de subvention emploi été étudiants. en lire plus →

12 août 2017

camp de jour été 2017

Notre camp d’été se tiendra du 26 juin au 11 août 2017 en lire plus →

05 avril 2017

Take great responsibility and professionalism in my job

Got things to learn like the rest of our team, said McLellan, who feels Brossoit rebound control has to get better. Didn help him a lot (in the crease) with our body position (to box out the Kings). We weren really strong there. Take great responsibility and professionalism in my job, and I made a.. en lire plus →

12 juin 2016

The media would like to pump this up as THE issue

This advice resonates with what I had been picking up over a couple of weeks of conversations with people in and around the organization: Much of the Federalist Society’s influence comes not from its very public Washington victories but from its behind the scenes, grass roots ability to shift the law at the idea level,.. en lire plus →

01 juin 2016

However, Sumizawa was bothered by the finale as he felt the

Episode 7 « Mad Treasure Hunt: » The rough Tribal Council tensions remain high the next day. At the reward, one of the players finds a hidden immunity idol clue. When they get back to camp, they hurry to find the idol. As you can see from these two pictures, the balloon is round, bulbous, and the.. en lire plus →

08 mai 2016

The balance between humor and serious moments is seamless

The stakes are so much higher than FMAs. The balance between humor and serious moments is seamless. However, most of what they cut out I don miss. She knew what she intended to write, but then would reverse the characters. If I pointed it out in a wrong, you need to fix it manner hair.. en lire plus →

07 mai 2016

The maximum concentration (concn

At the same time, across the country in Massachusetts, Kerrigan’s agent was fielding dozens of offers for the rights to his client’s life story, and fans packed the sidelines to watch her practice sessions as she gracefully bounced back from the attack. She signed a $1 million deal with Disney. Unlike Harding steroids, she grew.. en lire plus →

20 avril 2016

It contributes to teeth and bones as well as activating enzymes

Anybody we passed in the subway station that was playing an instrument was « He playing the blues cause he can go see Jon Stewart. » « He so sad he can even play his instrument. » « He really happy cause he going to see Jon Stewart. He catching the next train. » Okay cheap jordans, so it was cruel,.. en lire plus →

10 avril 2016